You are a habit I don't plan on breaking

-Lisette Glodowski


Born and Raised in Wine Country, California. I grew up as the middle child of one big theatrical family. Early life was dedicated to classical ballet training, (and all other styles of dance), music, singing, and acting. In essence, theatre is my soul. 

After completing my training at Marin Dance Theatre, I moved to North Carolina to persue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre/Acting and Dance at East Carolina University. 

Upon graduation, I was accepted into The Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at New York University where I am currently in the midst of getting my Masters as a Lyricist/Wordsperson.  

“When I look in your eyes
I see the stained glass windows”
— -Lisette Glodowski "Champagne"
“I don’t know what yet
except I must let myself be
— Lisette Glodowski "America 2018"

While writing with the next generation of Broadway composers and Lyricists, I make sure to keep my professional dance and acing careers just as high on the priority list. For example, performing with Theatre Raleigh for the last three summer seasons. 

Velvet Over Steel - Music, lyrics, book - Lisette Glodowski Is my obsession. This is my first full length musical. The world premier was in May 2017, and it is already contracted and headed off to it's next destination. Stay tuned.

Fun facts? I'm a coffee addict, a chocolate enthusiast, a terrible pun maker, a kickboxer and gym rat. Favorite colors: earth tones. Favorite flowers: Tiger Lilies. Most importantly - I love my family.