What an amazing week! The original cast from my musical: Velvet Over Steel got together again to create The Original Cast Recording Soundtrack of this show! I am so grateful to have Richard C. Walter partner up with me as he takes on the role of Arranger/Orchestrator for Velvet Over Steel. He and I spent multiple 15 hour days working on revisions and rewrites to be ready for this recording, and will continue to do so while we work on the other instrumentation for this album. With back-to-back 10 hour rehearsal days with the entire cast, we brought back to life the show we performed on May 4th, 2017, but updated! We recorded 15 of the 22 songs with the help of our Sound Engineer, Eric Alexander Collins. 

I had to make myself take a step back from Miss Composer / Lyricist and recognize that I too originated a new role: Rosie Glass, and was now experiencing my first original cast recording from an actor's perspective!  I must say... I'm still riding that performance high. Well... Recording high.  I could not be more thrilled with my cast and creative team. We really showed up, followed through. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, and so is Velvet Over Steel. 

*Stay tuned for an official release date of VELVET OVER STEEL - THE MUSICAL! 

Original Cast:  Donald Sutton as Walter Bloom, Lisette Glodowski as Rosie Glass, Jessica Braun as Ellis Goodman, Jane Kiley Simmons as Judy McLloyd, Matty Reda as Ricky St. Tanner, and Kelly Toland as Kelly Bloom.